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How to submit sitemap

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2021-06-08 18:11:39

How to submit sitemap

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how to submit sitemap

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Working with php blog script to submit your sitemap is super easy. no plugin no customization no additional tools required.


login to your google search console panel and then add your property as suggested below : 

Link  https://search.google.com/search-console/

point 1 click on search property 
point 2 click on add property and verify your domain 


once your domain verified from google select your property from left navigation and then click on sitemaps as suggested on image blow 


point 1 click on sitemaps 
point 2 add your sitemap link ( /blog/sitemap.xml
point 3 view google status of crawl pages status below

once sitemap was submitted you will get this result from google 

make sure all pages where submitted correctly and there are no errors mentioned by google. 

once everything went well just keep checking on search console each 24  hours about google updates and pages crawl of data. 


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